Barley Vitamin C Facial Gel

Reduces Fine Lines & Smoothen Complexion


Barley Vitamin C Facial Gel helps brighten skin tone, fade age spots, reduce fine lines &smoothen complexion. Infused with Hyaluronic acid which has nourishing properties and  helps to balance skin, for skin whitening, fade pigmentation, and fight signs of aging brought on by free radicals. Barley Vitamin C Facial Gel restore radiance to your dull, tired skin. It supports skin hydration and helps in restoring skin’s lipid barrier. The lightweight texture of the Barley Gel penetrates deep within your skin and gives it a radiant look from within.

Key Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid helps reduce and prevent dark spots and pigmentation. It prevents your skin from damage caused by the sun and other external aggressors such as dust, pollution and more by acting as a protective barrier to your skin.

Orange Extract

Orange’s antioxidant properties help to hydrate dull and dehydrated skin. When you use orange regularly, it will make your skin lighter and even out your skin tone. They also improve the texture of your skin, making your skin look cleaner and smoother.


D-Panthenol helps nourish and add vital moisture to skin, first by sealing in hydration by boosting the skin barrier, but also by helping to rejuvenate and revitalize skin cells, helping to defy the aging process. D-Panthenol adds nourishment and moisturization to your skin and makes your skin soft, supple and plump, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.

How To Use

Step 1 – Take a coin-sized amount of “Barley Cleansing Cream” on your finger tips. Gently cleanse your face and neck using circular motions for few minutes. Wash it off with cool water. 
Step 2 – Now take a generous amount of “Barley Vitamin C Facial Gel” on your finger tips..
Step 3 – Gently massage your face and neck using circular motions for few minutes.
Step 4 – Rinse off the gel with lukewarm water.