Barley 12% 40vol Hair Cream Developer is a rich and creamy developer with a non-drippy consistency that ensures the strands of your hair stay well coated, offering a perfect even shade with a long-lasting result. Releases oxygen while colorant and gives excellent coverage and uniformity. This is an essential product that activates your hair dye for a consistent hair color. This product blends effortlessly with all hair colorant creams and hair lighteners to achieve a smooth, creamy consistency.

How To Use

Hair Color (Normal hair) : Mix 1 part of Metallic Hair Color Cream and 1 part of  Barley Color tone Stabilized Cream Developer  12% 40 vol.


For professional use only, Product can cause an allergic reaction, Keep out  of reach of  children, Follow the Instructions wear suitable gloves, Do not use if your customer is sensitive, Store in a dry and cool place, Avoid contact with eyes, first do the patch test.

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