Barley Refreshing Cleansing Milk is a unique cleansing milk ideal for deep cleansing and removal of makeup and other unnecessary dirt & grime off the face. The astringent property of Lemon, Orange lifts impurities & thoroughly detoxifies the skin, acting as a natural cleansing agent. Jojoba Oil, D-Panthenol and Sodium Lactate works as an antiseptic that maintains moisture level in the skin and preserves its elasticity.

Key Ingredients

D Panthenol

D Panthenol are known to be hydrophilic in nature due to which it attracts the water molecules and helps retain the moisture content of your skin. It forms a protective layer on the skin preventing water loss, thus helps to keep your skin well-nourished and hydrated.

Orange Extract

The acidic properties of Orange Extract helps to foster the opening of pores and carefully cleanse all the debris off your face. If you have oily skin, it also controls excess sebum so no more blocked pores.

Vitamin E

.Vitamin E oil is a heavy emollient. It removes dirt from your pores to give you a refreshed and smooth appearance. Vitamin E containing product can be a great addition to your skincare regimen for cleaning up your skin pores.

How To Use

Step 1 – Apply Barley Refreshing Cleansing Milk to  skin during morning and evening apply cleanser using fingertips or a cotton pad.

Step 2 – Gently massage cleanser into skin with circular motion.

Step 3 – Rinse with warm water or gently wipe with a cotton pad

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